About Us

About us

Peak School System started its first institute as Peak Academy, in year 2008, where only evening coaching classes were held. With the Grace of Almighty Allah in year 2010 Peak Academy was upgraded to Peak Montessori & High School. Now more than 215 Ex-Chinese students are also studying in Peak School System with the collaboration of Ex-Chinese Association Rwp / Islamabad. The Embassy of Peoples Republic of China, Islamabad is also providing assistance to Peak School for the improvement of educational standard.

We believe that the delivery of knowledge and the environment it is dispensed in is as crucial as the content. This is done through an interactive teaching style, which emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning and development through project-based classroom activities and sports as opposed to a traditional theory-heavy curriculum.  This institution is about creating an environment that is ideal for learning and that makes education a stimulating experience.

In our eternal quest to make Peak School a perfect place for teachers and students, where everyone feels like they are a part one big happy family, we are always seeking feedback. Please let us know how we can make Peak System a better place for our students and play a vital role in creating a brighter tomorrow.