Admission Procedure & Policy

Admission Procedure & Policy

Admissions Policy: 

Peak School has  a  policy for the admissions based on the principles of transparency and fairness, for which purpose the School’s admissions committee collectively reviews cases and selects students. Without discrimination, Peak School welcomes students from all communities and religions, with only merit as the sole criterion for admission.Admission tests are conducted between March-April every year.Evaluation is conducted on the basis of testing the children and interviewing the parents. The proportion of weight-age given to the test and the interview are as follows:All decisions regarding the selection of students is made by a panel and are considered final.

Test          : 80%
Interview : 20%

Admissions for Higher Classes:

Admissions for higher classes open on the basis of the availability of seats in each class. The dates for registration are announced early in February every year and are displayed on the website.

Admission Procedure:

Admission in the school classes is granted through entrance tests subject to availability of seats and according to the Policy.The admission is done according to the priorities approved by President Executive Committee.

Class Levels:

Play Group3 + Years
Nursery4 + Years
Prep5 + Years
Class – I6 + Years
Class – II7 + Years
Class – III8 + Years
Class – IV9 + Years
Class – V10 + Years
Class – VI11 + Years
Class – VII12 + Years
Class – VIII13 + Years
Class – IX14 + Years
Class – X15 + Years

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The decisions of Admissions Committee are full and final.
  2. Although siblings are given some preference, admission is not guaranteed and is based on the overall assessment process.
  3. Parents must ensure that they bring all the necessary documents with them.
  4. The School reserves the rights of admission. Any person being rude, obstreperous or attempting to bribe the staff will immediately be evicted from the School premises, and their child struck off the list of candidates.
  5. Parents must comply with the rules and regulations of the School.
  6. The School reserves the right to check the person and personnel affects of all those allowed into the School premises for security reasons.
  7. The School will not charge any admission test fee from new students
  8. The School is not responsible for the loss of any personal affects.